Production Management Web Application

A online web application tracks and reports the efficiencies and deficiencies in a companies production process and management or that process. The system will tell you what stage of production the product is at, how long it has been there, what the average time to complete this process and where it's going next.

How It Is Used:

There are many uses of a production application. Inventory tracking by warehouse, process or status. Management can use the online application to track various stages of production. After analyzing this data management can then determine in minutes if a certain day of the week will need more employees staffed, need a second or third shift and if employees are meeting production timetables.

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) can be created to allow users access to the improvements needed to the production process instantly off site any where in the world.

Why You Need It:

Below are some of the more common reason why a online production system can help your company.

  1. Since the system is an online web application it will be available 24/7. Production can be tracked via the internet or a cell phone any where in the world with an internet connection.
  2. Ability to provide reporting on how fast production is moving and what processes are slowing the system down.
  3. Instant access to data that has be tracked to show previous months to the current month.
  4. Set up daily, weekly, monthly or yearly goals to provide your staff with expectations that they can see if they are meeting there goals.