Database Design and Optimization

Repeat Visitors

To gain repeat visitors, you must provide content that is updated on a regular basis. This may be anything from press releases, inventory, company newsletters, product updates, tips and techniques, and any other types of content. We can add these applications to your already existing website to make it dynamic or we can create a web based database based on your concept and design.

Fast Applications

There's nothing worse then clicking on a button to view a report and nothing happens. Well it probably seems like nothing is happening. In the background you database is receiving stress from your search. This also gives stress to all the other applications that are using your database. Our approach is simple if the data you are looking to retrieve isn't available between 0 and 5 seconds that's not good enough.

Know Your Customers

A database is much more organized than a filing cabinet. Imagine you are sending out a mailing that asks for your customer’s information in exchange for a gift. Now you could save this in Excel, Word or a filing cabinet but you would be missing the point of collecting the data. With a database setup to track and manage your customers the possibilities are endless. You could set up a email to send out a happy birthday email or select individuals from a certain area code for a promotion in that area.